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Love Babydolls? We do too!

Babydoll lambs grazing at Western Woollies farm in Colorado.

We purchased our first babydoll sheep in 2010 and have enjoyed breeding and sharing these special little smiley sheep with others over the past 9 years. There is nothing cuter than a Babydoll lamb!

Black Babydoll ram lamb born here at Western Woollies Colorado 2019

Due to unexpected life events, we had to take a little time away from the selling and marketing portion of our little Babydoll sheep business. The good news is that we are back in full-swing and still have 


We offer quality, registered Babydoll lambs and have both black and off-white lambs. This year, we were blessed with a few lambs with spots - so exciting and adorable!


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Off-white Babydoll lamb against a bright blue Colorado sky.

Babydoll Sheep - WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE ?!?

Babydoll sheep are a particular breed of sheep and are shorter in stature than their cousins. As adults, they average about 22-24 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh between 125-225 . They are a stocky, hardy breed and are truly "easy-keepers". Like all sheep,  they need regular care and attention such as yearly shearing to harvest their awesome wool, yearly vaccinations to keep them happy and healthy, hooves trimmed several times a year, and worming on occasion just like all livestock.  They like room to graze and love to eat weeds.  They require shelter from severe weather and shade in the summer. What makes them so special is they have a natural smile and easy going disposition. Babydoll lambs are prey animals and they instinctually are a little shy, but once you win their hearts, they are sure to capture yours.

Our flock of Babydoll sheep all have names and unique personalities. 

We originally purchased our Babydoll flock to graze our established vineyard.  Because of their short stature they did a fantastic job of weeding and pruning the vines as high as they could  reach, never harming the grape vines themselves.  As the years went by life got busier and so we decided to stop producing grapes, but we just couldn't give up the Babydolls as they had become part of the family. 

We sell Babydolls throughout the United States for vineyards, weed eaters on small farms, petting zoos, 4-H projects, wool production, hobby breeders. No matter their purpose, these adorable little teddy bear like creatures quickly become favorite farm pets. 

We sell registered Babydolls because we believe in preserving this wonderful breed. Registration allows us to maintain accurate records and breed standards and continue to provide quality animals. All of our breeding flock are registered with NABSSAR (North American Babydoll Southdown Sheep Association and Registry). A few of our sheep are also registered with OEBR (Old English Babydoll Registry). This year we joined the new registry BSSBA (Babydoll Southdown Sheep Breeders Association). All of these registries have their own flavor, so to speak, but all have the same goal of promoting and maintaining this unique little breed of sheep. 

We will never become independently wealthy breeding and selling Babydolls but our hearts are fuller and our lives are richer for sure!


Useful Information

Scrapie and genetic testing for natural resistance


Why does Scrapie resistance matter? Scrapie is a devastating, contagious, neurological disease in sheep and goats. There is no vaccine or treatment and the USDA tracks cases of Scrapie in the United States. If animals are found to have Scrapie, then they must be euthanized. Thankfully, this disease is relatively rare, in part due to the efforts of genetic testing and ethical breeding practices. Codon 171 is a genetic marker for natural resistance to Scrapie. Sheep that are genetically" “RR" have the most resistance and "QR" offers some resistance. Most of our babydoll sheep are RR Scrapie resistant and we believe that by breeding with this resistance in mind and genetic testing, we can offer the best quality babydoll lambs and do our part to help eradicate this terrible disease. Also, we only sell RR scrapie resistant stud rams.

USDA livestock transportation requirements

Some states may require additional testing and import permits. We have a wonderful vet who is very knowledgeable and who will arrange and provide all required paperwork for your new babydoll lambs . While these additional costs are usually nominal, they are not included in the prices listed above. 



While transportation is not included in the price of the lambs/sheep, most of our customers enjoy coming to our humble little farm in Colorado to pick up their new babydoll lambs . Colorado is a beautiful place to visit! When that is not possible, Western Woollies will work with the buyer to arrange a safe and reliable third-party transporter whenever possible. Sometimes, we can even meet buyers 1/2 way to shorten their drive times. Give us a call, we are happy to help!

Care of Babydolls

Babydoll sheep are "Easy-Keepers" but they do need care and attention.

What are the basic needs:

  • Babydoll sheep need good quality grass or grass/alfalfa mixed hay or secure area to graze
  • Access to fresh water at all times
  • Room to exercise
  • Secure shelter or secure area at night to protect from predators / shade during the day / wind block
  • Sheep mineral offered free choice 
  • Salt block (copper free) may be needed depending on salt content of mineral

Things to consider

  • Babydoll sheep need sheep friends (sheep are flock animals and do not do well alone)
  • Hooves will need to be trimmed several times throughout the year
  • Annual shearing in the spring is a must for the health of the sheep. (I prefer to hire a professional sheep shearer to do this.)
  • Annual vaccinations of CD&T keep the sheep healthy
  • Worm treatment given as needed to keep the sheep healthy
  • A good veterinarian who knows sheep


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We love our customers! Please give us a call if you would like to set up a time to come by and meet these cute babydoll lambs and babydoll sheep in person. 

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